Viscom Capstone Project: OGRE Gear packaging, all original logos, templates, screen prints and screen print designs, tag designs, and mocked up by hand

Template: Rough Draught Beer case, original concept, logo design and packaging design (traditional beer case template)

Mock-Up: Rough Draught Beer packaging 

Mock-Up: Original CD art, photography, logo and packaging design  (template by Jakebox)

Mock-Up: Self Promotional Mailer, original logo design, packaging design and template design

Template: Spin:e Bike Parts, original concept, logo design, packaging design and template design

Mock-up: Spin:e Bike Parts gear and seat post packaging 

Template: Pride and Prejudice book cover redesign, original illustration, layout and template design

Mock-Up: Pride and Prejudice book cover redesign

Illustrative Photoshop Rendering: Ayn Rand photographic book cover redesign, original photography and design